Vegas could be the first victim of global warming

The towns in the southwestern United States, it is not easy right now. The drought means that the lack of rain and snow noticed even more than before. All water stocks have started theirs. San Diego importing water from the north for huge sums of money. Los Angeles has for years known of the major risks. Las Vegas, is the future of gaming. Ironically, precisely because of gambling. In fact, the city’s deplorable environmental management for many years may make it into a future ghost town.

If we start in Los Angeles, it’s actually an example of a city that works a lot to improve the environment. Recently they stopped completely selling plastic bags in stores. Instead, the emphasis is on paper bags that can be reused. To a city of Los Angeles size make this reduces the estimated production of plastic bags with 2 million copies per year. This is them absolutely at the forefront of many American cities. If we instead turn eyes about 45 mils to the east, it sounds different. Las Vegas as a city is a slap in the face for many environmentalists. The city center has long been a center of drugs, crime, and prostitution, although it is something that is being changed.


Already in the 1800s as people came to Vegas, but it took until 1911 before it officially became a city. No harm is done to date, the Colorado River was also closed so the water was available to residents. Although the city was in the middle of the desert so sat people down here as it was between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles were large cities already and a good place to stay overnight. But then it goes downhill. In 1931, legalized gambling and the now world-famous casino facilities started up. Luxury for luxury is built on The Strip. Neon signs that never turn off have drawn extremely much energy in recent decades. The brilliant idea to start this project in the incredibly hot Nevada desert makes even more energy is used to cool down the city with air conditioning available everywhere, around the clock. Combine that with flights from all over the world who come here every day and you can figure out that Las Vegas is fast becoming a city that many require to be improved environmentally.

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