No lamb is not good for the climate!

I received an honor in my role as an environmental coordinator on the job. I’ll be a jury in a competition where members send in their suggestions for great climate-friendly meals. Whoever wins gets gift certificates for food, so I take the assignment seriously. Over a hundred contributions have been received, so now I rate the various Måltider environmental impact, the competitor’s creativity, and how well it seems to be. So far I have had time through less than half of the contributions, but I will obviously not reveal my favorites here.

But one thing strikes me. Fairly many contributions have with lamb meat in their meals on the grounds that the lamb is climate-friendly.

Something the industry needs to be done to get the public to believe that the lamb is good from a climate perspective. But the fact is that it is the opposite. Lamb is second only to beef in climate pollution. It’s to get ruminants and emit methane, just like the cows.

Speaking ruminant methane – as the chart from the National Food Agency show that ends up cheese in clear third place in the climate impact of common foods. Which well, unfortunately, it does not bode well for those who submitted lasagne to the competition, even if they are vegetarian.

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