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Enjoy Swedish, not just Wasa crispbread, Marabou chocolate, sea buckthorn liqueur, or hot seats from IKEA. Even with tobacco enjoyment, there is stylish delicacy from the far north. Swedish snus is a tobacco product from Sweden, which is a stylish alternative to the traditional all-weather cigarette.
Smoke-free, individual and unique is the smokeless tobacco product from Sweden.
Swedish snus is chewing tobacco that is refined with salt and aromas. Packed in small sachets, we placed it in the mouth behind the lip. So a pleasant, smoky and aromatic taste is released in the mouth for up to one hour. The salt serves less to the taste, as the maintenance of the acid value in the mouth and thus the optimal intake of nicotine. Packed in small, fine cans, Swedish snus is one of the luxuries that embody the modern Scandinavian lifestyle.

Snus in many flavors:
As extensive as the Swedish landscape is, the range of flavors offered by Swedish chewing tobacco is also broad. There is the Swedish style of nicotine with notes of cedar, citrus, juniper, mint, menthol, bergamot, and all sorts of herbs and berries. Depending on the nicotine content and maturity of the tobacco, there are also different strengths, as it is known from cigarettes. What is for each individual the best snus, every gourmet must decide for themselves. If you want to get into the habit of chewing tobacco, you should first test mild variants and sip bag by bag to your favorite.

The difference between snus and chew:
The difference between the Swedish snus and the American chewing tobacco Chew lies mainly in the processing of the tobacco. Chew is made of ground tobacco and the Swedish counterpart of hooked tobacco, which is a bit coarser. Also in the flavors, there are differences between the tuxedo of the cowboys and those of the Northmen.

Similar to conventional tobacco products, the distribution, and purchase of Swedish chewing tobacco, as with all other tobacco products, is strictly regulated by law. Therefore, trade outside Sweden has shifted heavily to the Internet. Basically, however, that snus may be purchased only from 18 years.

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